Innovation at Broadridge has driven efficiency in the proxy process for more than 20 years.

Today, our industry-leading solutions are designed to help issuers engage their shareholders, increase voter participation and support governance best practices.

Introduced Service Offering Benefit
2013 MyService.Broadridge.com for All Issuers Expansion of service offering to all issuers in support of the issuer delivery preference model
2013 Enhanced Voting Instruction Form (VIF) Encourages securityholder/vote participation through electronic access while still supporting paper delivery preferences
2013 Quick Response Codes (QR) Encourages securityholder/vote participation by providing access using model devices to “be where the investor is”
2013 Canadian Notice & Access Improved efficiency; reduces issuer print and postage; 17,000 hours development built by Broadridge
2013 Enhancements associated with NI 54 101 amendments Maintaining and expanding secure interfaces for delivery of data. Improved disclosure; improved efficiency
2012 Enhanced Over Reporting Service (DTC) Improved efficiency
2012 Enhanced Vote Reporting Increased frequency of vote reporting through technology
2011 Quick Vote Enhanced solicitor service/enhance voter participation
2010 Mobile ProxyVote®.com Encourages investor / vote participation
2009 Shareholder Forum Supports shareholder engagement
2009 Virtual Shareholder Meeting Supports shareholder engagement
2007 Over Reporting Prevention Service Supports the integrity of the voting process
2007 U.S. Notice & Access Improved efficiency
2006 Analytics Improved issuer service
2006 Individual Consolidation Reduced issuer costs
2005 Smart Disclosure® Reduced costs for investment funds, improved investor experience
2005 Cross-border account management Improved issuer service
2004 Financial Statements Preference Management
(NI 51-102)
Reduce costs and improve investor experience
2004 Interactive Securityholder Communications Reduced issuer costs
2004 Proxy Disclosure Enhanced corporate governance
2003 Smart Prospectus® Reduced dealer costs, improved investor experience
2003 ICSOnline (rebranded to MyService.Broadridge.com) Improved issuer service
2002 Electronic Vote Transmission Delivered faster, more accurate vote reporting
2001 ProxyEdge® Increased vote returns and reduced costs
2000 Internet delivery Reduced issuer costs
2000 Internet voting Increased vote returns and reduced costs
1999 Smart Proxy for Investment Funds Increased vote returns
1998 Telephone voting Increased vote returns
1998 Managed account processing Reduced issuer costs
1988 – 1992 Ongoing automation to proxy system Reduced cost and improved accuracy
1987 Introduced proxy processing Ensured equitable treatment for registered and beneficial owners