Driving efficiency, equity and engagement in the proxy process.

In 1987, we established our business to support the proxy process in Canada. Since then, we have evolved and today assist all market participants in meeting their regulatory obligations and investor communication imperatives, here and around the world. We bring innovation and expertise together to deliver solutions that are efficient and support best practices in investor communications.

Our unsurpassed data management capabilities drive efficiency in proxy, disclosure and investor communication solutions. We leverage these capabilities to bring to market the industry’s most sophisticated electronic communication tools. Responding to regulatory change, client need and fuelled by our innovative spirit, Broadridge has defined and continually redefines the investor communication process.

Broadridge is a critical partner in the successful implementation of regulatory policy in Canada and the U.S. We work with securities regulators to identify and consult regarding the practical implications of policy implementation, and proactively engage in understanding, adapting to and advising our clients of the impacts of new and changing regulations.

In an environment as dynamic and closely scrutinized as ours, ensuring your organization’s regulatory and investor communication practices are meeting continuously evolving standards for excellence is critical. Our clients rely on Broadridge for our experience, expertise and trusted counsel.